What is a Practitioner?

The Practitioner realizes that we are born of Spirit and not of matter. Spirit is changeless, perfect and complete. S/he realizes that we are the living embodiment of Divine perfection. —Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

How many people in your life know the Truth of who you are? How many know that you are the holy child of God, perfect in every detail? How many can see beyond the circumstances of your life and know that you are already one with everything you could possibly desire? This is the wonderful job of the Practitioner. Each Practitioner has gone through years of training and has spent countless hours in prayer and meditation. Practitioners have learned to see beyond the “veil of illusion” to the Spiritual Truth of each and every person. (Okay, sometimes we do forget.) Ours is the opportunity to help free ourselves, and our clients, from any sense of separation from our Good. We realize that there is only one life, right now, right where we are. This realization of the light of God casts out all darkness and the oneness and allness of God is revealed, and in that moment the healing is done. Take the opportunity to work with a Practitioner soon and experience the healing that occurs when you are in the presence of someone who knows the Spiritual Truth of who you are, and in whose image and likeness you are created.  Allow yourself to be shown the way back home to the kingdom of God and to the spiritual truth of who you truly are. Discover the light of God that is waiting to express through, and as you, in each and every moment. —Rev. Ron M. Stone

What do they do?

A Practitioners primary tool is affirmative prayer. They are trained in its use and and know the power of it. Practitioners can also provide spiritual guidance, working one-on-one with clients to help to discover or uncover the inherent intelligence and perfection that is within every person. Practitioners help to navigate life challenges, heal, and find clarity

While Practitioners are generous with their time and will never charge for prayer, licensed Practitioners often offer their spiritual guidance services on a professional fee-for-service basis. Please check with your Practitioner.

Directory of licensed Practitioners in our community:


Photo Name Phone E-Mail
LoriAbendroth_001 Lori Abendroth
[email protected]
SallyBartholomew2 Sally Bartholomew
[email protected]
SusanBrecker_headshot Susan Brecker


[email protected]
ChristopherBrown_headshot Christopher Brown 510-654-6588 N/A
ReginaBuckwalter_headshot Regina Buckwalter 510-530-7091 [email protected]
GeriCarder_headshot Rev. Geri Carder 510-865-7706 [email protected]
ConstanceC_000 Constance Chapman 510-363-7536 [email protected]
JohnChastain_001 John Chastain
[email protected]
MichaelCortezJames Michael Cortez
[email protected]
andrea-ford-roberts-page-small Andrea Ford-Roberts 510-965-9236 [email protected]
JudithFrauenglass Judith Frauenglass 415-864-1844 [email protected]
 VeronaGarland_000 Verona Garland 510-541-5200 [email protected]
LindaGoldsmith_headshot Linda Goldsmith 510-595-1519

[email protected]

Beverly Green Beverly Green 510- 558-0858 [email protected]
 GretchenGreene_headshot Gretchen Greene 510-531-5317 [email protected]
 RenaKeslar Rena Kesler 510-685-0889 [email protected]
Kathleen Johnson 510-406-2958 [email protected]
 JoyceLaMar_headshot Joyce LaMar 510-986-1133 [email protected]
DylanMcClintock Dylan McClintock 415-305-9671 [email protected]
Garnet2-NEW_000 Garnet McQuitty 707-580-9241 [email protected]
DorothyMendez_headshot Dorothy Mendez 510-758-3321 [email protected]
Doug_Myers_001 Doug Myers 925-376-5503 [email protected]
Jackie-O_001 Jacquie Onipede 510.325.0339 [email protected]
 KarinPeterson Karin Peterson 510-599-9970 [email protected]
 JessiePittman_headshot Jessie Pittman 510-524-7988 [email protected]
RobynRice-Olmstead_headshot Robyn Rice-Olmstead 818-300-3911

[email protected]

AndyRobbins_headshot Andy Robbins 925-283-3283 [email protected]
Judith Roberts 510-910-5978 [email protected]
RichardRobinson_headshot Richard Robinson 510-836-1084

fax only 510-444-6223

ChantalRohlfing2_000 Chantal M. Rohlfing 510-260-4552 [email protected]
BonnieSita Bonnie Sita 510-336-3262 [email protected]
SusanUrquhart-Brown Susan Urquhart- Brown


[email protected]

CarmenWest-Jefferson_headshot Carmen West-Jefferson cell: 510-206-0527 [email protected]
eliza Eliza Young 510-5490758 [email protected]