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Spiritual Education: The Foundation for a Good Life

Oakland Center for Spiritual Living is dedicated to creating and offering educational materials to support the evolution of spiritual consciousness. Education is the very core of Science of Mind. Join us as we explore and experience the transformation that Science of Mind can bring to every life!

Classes are offered in a trimester calendar beginning in January, May, and September. Registration begins in April, August, and November of each year.

As we study our own being, we begin to deduce the nature of God.
The Science of Mind, p. 79

Science of Mind Classes 

  • Expand your knowledge of spiritual principles;
  • Gain practical spiritual tools for everyday use;
  • Combine experiential exercises with explanation of the principles of SOM practice;
  • Enter more deeply into our spiritual community by meeting and getting to know people from many different backgrounds;
  • Taught by experienced practitioners of Science of Mind.

Core Curriculum

Core classes are 4 or 10 weeks in duration—one three-hour class per week. All completed course work contributes to the required prerequisites for entry to the Advanced Consciousness Studies Program and Professional Prayer Practitioner Studies.

  • Principles and Practices is the newest foundational class. In this 5 week class, yu will Discover proven practices that bring spiritual principle into action allowing you to manifest a desired goal or intention. Beyond Limits is another of the foundational principles which we teach.  One of these is a prerequisite for all Core classes.
  • Other Core classes (click here to see the catalog of classes) focus on areas of study such as History and Philosophy, Consciousness, and Practical Application. If you’re interested in a class that isn’t being offered, let us know.
  • Once successfully completed, each student receives a certificate. Our Home Office in  Golden, Co keeps an accurate record of all certified classes each student has taken.

Spiritual Enrichment Course and Workshops

  • Workshops are a wonderful way to enhance your spiritual education. If you are someone who likes to “get your feet wet” workshops are a great way to start your spiritual education. Most workshops are 3-6 hours in length.
  • Spiritual Enrichment Courses (click here for current offerings) are short (3 to 5 weeks), practical, and offer a variety of ongoing educational opportunities. There are no prerequisites.

Almost all of our courses and workshops are offered in a hybrid model of in-person and Zoom. For Zoom, pre-registration is mandatory at least one day in advance so the teacher can be prepared and welcoming to you. 

Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits: How to use the power of spiritual practice to change your life
This is the pre-requisite to all other core classes. In this class we study core spiritual concepts and practice applying them to the conditions in our lives. We learn how to gain more clarity and less confusion about what to do and how to do it.

The classes are experiential, with guided meditations and exercises to assist you in incorporating spiritual practice and understanding into your daily life. The 120+ page workbook will become a resource for you to return to for inspiration again and again, so you may experience your life soaring beyond limits!

Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

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Advanced Consciousness Studies

This 30-week course takes the student on a deep journey of self discovery, focusing on a keen understanding of our teaching and applying spiritual principles. Students continue their mastery of life through personal responsibility, the power of choice, and structured spiritual practices.

Advanced Consciousness Studies is open to students who have completed the course requirements (see figure below). The Advanced Consciousness Studies application process includes a self-reflection questionnaire, your certificated class completion history and an interview. Students who complete Advanced Consciousness Studies may be eligible to enter Professional Practitioner Studies.



Licensed ministers make up the core of our teaching staff. Licensed practitioners act as Co-teachers and Teaching Assistants as well as teachers for Spiritual Enrichment Classes and Workshops.