Music Ministry

Contact: Andy Robbins

The Oakland Center for Spiritual Living has a rich history of music as an integral part of our culture. Music and spiritual celebration go hand-in-hand, and we do like our great music here at the Center! Touching hearts and stirring souls, music is one of our primary ministries.

Sunday morning musicians are a critical aspect of our celebration services, and we have been richly blessed over the years to host some of the biggest names and greatest hearts (and voices!) in New Thought music.

Choir is also a powerful tradition here. There have been two great choirs over the years, starting with The Clarewood Singers, and then The Joy Choir. While there is no going back to what was, there is unquestionably a going forward to what is yet to be. While we are currently “in-between” choirs, stay tuned! More will be revealed!

Creative Arts are also highly valued here at our Center, and we are currently stirring the pot of creative possibility as to what might be wanting to happen next!