Membership at Oakland Center for Spiritual Living

What Membership Means

A member is one who is vitally involved in an organization. Our vision for our members is that they are alive with genuine spirituality that improves the quality of their daily experience. This aliveness becomes a beneficial contribution to their families, workplace, and community. Science of Mind is spread throughout the world by the example of its members.  

Committing oneself to membership is a threefold commitment.  

 The first level is personal.

Membership is a commitment to living the Science of Mind philosophy. This means that you are willing to learn about and to apply Science of Mind in daily life.

Second commitment is to join with the existing membership. This means deepening your level of participation from that of “observer” to “owner” through volunteering time and skill; attendance at events, classes, workshops, and other activities, as appropriate to your life; and attending the Annual Member Gathering.

 Third is entering into the vision of this community and supporting its commitment statement through your actions, attitudes, and prayers.

Members of this Center support this commitment and vision through your actions, attitudes and prayers.   


Defining Qualities of Membership in the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living  


  • Active (participating regularly in service and functions at the Center)
  • Loyal (working with and for the commitment of the Center
  • Supporting (contributing time, talent, and treasure)


A Member is considered to be in good standing when s/he:

  • upholds the teachings and practices of Religious Science.
  • attends the religious and social functions of the Oakland Center.
  • contributes to the financial support of the Oakland Center.
  • attends the business meetings of the Oakland Center and votes therein.
  • provides service to the Oakland Center with time or talent.
  • upholds the purpose, mission, and vision of the Oakland Center; and,
  • promotes harmony and goodwill within the spiritual community.


The privileges of Membership are: 

  • able to vote in all Church elections.
  • eligible for election or appointment to leadership positions; and
  • able to propose and implement duly approved new programs or ministries for the community.
  • access to our Member Assistance Program (when available)

How Do I Apply?

Download the two documents below. When you know this is your journey, fill in the application and return to Zo De Muro.  

Detailed Information on Membership

Membership Application