Tools for Spiritual Practices

The tools that we believe are essential parts of a healthy Daily Spiritual Practice are:
  • Prayer / Affirmative Prayer / Spiritual Mind Treatment  Some think of this as talking with God. Others prefer to use an affirmative prayer practice. There is no wrong way to pray, and regardless of the form, prayer works!
  • Meditation There is something amazing about the silence, when we can allow our minds to rest to the point of being able to listen for that still small voice of Divine Intuitive Wisdom that is within us all
  • Positive Reading – Soul Food for the Mind  A page of your favorite inspirational book, one of the dozens of daily messages available via e-mail, a course of study suggested by a spiritual teacher – these are the things that keep our minds open to new thoughts and ideas, to the change that is the very nature of the Divine.
  • Selfless Service  Giving unconditionally, volunteering of our time to another or to an organization of our choice carries with it blessings that can hardly be put into words. Make no mistake, the giver is as richly blessed, or more so, than the recipient.
  • Selfless Giving (Time, Talent and/or Treasure) Flow is a word and an idea, a Spiritual Truth that is an essential aspect of Spiritual Growth. Without flow there is stagnation. This is a reciprocal cosmos we live in. As we give, we most assuredly do receive.
  • Affirmations We are always affirming something. What we think and say, and our self-talk – how we talk to ourselves throughout the day, every day – has a huge impact on our life experience. We can radically change the way we experience life by simply changing the way we think.